International Child Development Center- Yerevan, Armenia

Autism International Foundation is a key supporter of the International Child Development Center located in Yerevan, Armenia. The International Child Development Center provides state of the art services to over 100 children with autism in a dignified and loving environment.  You can visit their website at

The comprehensive program offered by the  International Child Development Center in Yerevan is a model for how services could and should be delivered. Services are provided both in a school setting and at home, and are designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual child. Video linkages to supervisors in the United States, as well as frequent face-to-face visits, allow continual monitoring of children’s progress—a key to the success of any program.

Unfortunately, financial resources for such intensive services are limited. While parents can make symbolic contributions, most cannot afford the cost that will allow these services to continue running on their own. They are desperately in need of our help. Please contribute through this website, and designate that you would like your contribution to be used by the International Child Development Center in Yerevan, Armenia. We will make sure the contributions go directly to the Center’s operations.


International Child Development Center- Queretaro, Mexico

Plans are underway for the development of a center for children with special needs in central Mexico.  This will be an ABA-based program.